NAMER PI, LLC is a full-service Georgia based private investigation agency comprised of licenced Private Investigators. Our staff consists of experienced investigators who contribute their broad expertise to the services we provide to our clients.

our talent

exceptional service

We strive to maintain the values that set us apart from others. Transparency, confidentiality, customer service, integrity, efficiency and reliability.

Reliable and committed

We work hard to provide our clients with reliable and trustworthy results that support significant personal and professional decisions and outcomes.

arduous investigation

Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to providing customers in depth investigations suited to their specific needs.

our expertise

smart technology for background screening

State of the art technology available to us provides us with immediate access to criminal justice records from thousands of agencies across the nation. We can view incident reports, arrest reports, bookings and incarceration reports, pre-trial investigations, probation and parole records.

state of the art equipment

Our investigators utilize the best and latest equipment available to provide unrivaled services to our clients.

nationwide database system

We utilize an unclassified national information-sharing system tool for sharing, searching, linking, and analyzing information across jurisdictional spheres nationwide and across the globe.

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