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NAMER PI, LLC is led by licensed professional and experienced private Investigator Moises W. “Bill” Namer who has years of on-field experience under his belt. His experience is unmatched in the investigative field and includes the collection, processing and preserving of evidence which is an important skill in the law enforcement and investigation fields. 

At NAMER PI, LLC, our backgrounds include the preparation of detailed investigative reports; preparation and execution of search warrant affidavits; filing of criminal cases with Offices of the District Attorney and United States Attorney; providing deposition testimony; providing testimony in Grand Jury proceeding; and the delivery of courtroom testimony in Federal, Superior and Municipal Courts. 

With the use of a Nationwide database system, along with state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring equipment including night vision cameras, minicams, electronic tracking devices, debugging equipment, and various types of surveillance vehicles, our Private Investigators know how to get the job done, and get the job done right.

Our staff consists of experienced investigators who contribute a broad expertise to the services we provide our clients. All investigators undergo extensive training, background checks, and maintain current continuing education courses and license.

We respect the dignity, privacy & confidentiality of those we serve. We provide unmatched results and strive to maintain our core values, which include: loyalty, credibility, honesty, transparency, excellence, accountability, quality, efficiency, reliability, service, dignity, collaboration and stewardship.


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