Our highly trained & qualified teams are available to implement any investigation operations. We provide a wide range of services to our clients.

Domestic investigations

An experienced Private Investigator with NAMER PI, LLC  can help put your mind at ease or uncover the truth about a cheating spouse, allowing you to take necessary actions to rectify the situation. A cheating spouse investigation can expose whom your husband or wife is communicating and meeting with and what they are doing. Our experienced Private Investigators can uncover information on how your children are treated including if they are properly supervised.

Legal support

At NAMER PI, LLC, we specialize in accident investigations for personal injury cases. Our agency has years of experience in understanding the legal needs of our clients and delivers the truth on various situations our clients may encounter.

background checks

Background checks are essential to protect not only the safety of you, your family or your company. Putting a person in the context of their personal history can help you verify information and base your decisions on facts rather than feelings. No matter who is in question, the integrity of your life, family, business and your assets should be of the utmost importance. 

missing persons

Perhaps you have a child, spouse, family member, or friend who has disappeared, seemingly for no reason and leaving no trace of their whereabouts. You may also be looking for an individual in a situation where there is an apparent motive for his or her disappearance, such as avoidance of a legal action or debt obligations. The missing person may even be a material witness in a legal case or an individual who owes a debt to you. 

Our search technologies and tools are also used in cases of adoption, as you may need to find your birth parents to learn of your medical history, or you may be a biological parent (birth mother, birth father) looking for children given up at birth for adoption.

criminal investigations

Our trained and experienced criminal investigator can help to  determine whether or not a crime took place by looking for evidence to help you put the pieces together. 

The following acts involve gathering the evidence so a charge could be made.

  • Crime Scene
  • Criminal Defense
  • Fraud
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Physical Assault
  • Property Damage
  • Sexual assault
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Our licensed and certified criminal investigators are well equipped to do a thorough investigation. They are required to adhere to the laws and regulations of the state. Techniques include crime scene photography, interviews, background checks, surveillance and more.

child custody investigations

If there is concern regarding your child’s well-being or their safety, a child custody investigation may be necessary for you to proceed with. Child custody investigations are thorough evaluations used to determine what happens when the other parent has the child out of your sight, ensuring the safety of your child. Common reasons for a child custody investigation includes child abuse, chronic neglect, alcohol abuse and instances of drug use. A child custody investigation is often requested by a concerned parent to observe and evaluate the child’s experience while in the other guardian’s care. Our Investigators use professional methods to get a look into the care, well-being, and health of the child.

insurance fraud

There are a variety of ways insurance fraud is conducted. Commonly, claimants will exaggerate the value of actual damages, overstating the claim to garner more money from the insurance carrier than what is actually due. Insurance fraud can be carried through participating parties, with evidence that is fabricated by one witness or many witnesses and even with doctors exaggerating the seriousness of an injury to keep the injured in the system. Our Investigators could help examine the evidence of your case with  in-depth exploration that not only proves or disproves that the claim is legitimate but also gives you concrete and tangible evidence that you can use in court or stop payment in the case of fraud.

general fraud investigations

General Fraud Investigations deals with a wide variety of cases that can involve tax and money laundering crimes. We specialize in: 

  • Insurance Claim Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Corporate Slip and Fall
  • Transit Fraud
  • Online Classified Fraud
  • Ticket Fraud
  • Mechanical Repair Fraud
  • Rental Insurance Scams
  • Expense Claim Fraud
  • Theft of Inventory Fraud


workman compensation

If you suspect your employee, employer, or a healthcare provider has committed workers compensation fraud, you will need to hire an investigator to conduct an investigation. 

personal injury

Personal injury claims are commonplace. Prevailing in a personal injury case requires proof, and that means court-admissible evidence. Finding that evidence is a job for professionals like the experienced private investigators at NAMER PI, LLC.

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